Global Market

Our products export to countries all over the world, especially to the USA, Europe, Australia, South Africa and Middle East countries. For many years ,we are the main supplier of many world-famous companies such as IKEA, TARGET, Wal-mart, Coca Cola, LIBBEY, BBB, ARC, ALDI, AVON, DAISO and Disney ect. Besides, our factories have passed a lot of Audits, such as IKEA IWAY audit, Wal-Mart audit, Target audit, Coca-Cola TCCC audit, Nescafe SEDEX audit, BSCI, Disney ILS audit Avon, Jcpenny, BONTON, KOHL’S, SQP, WCA and so on. We can make sure that our products are good quality, competitive price and on-time delivery.

Global Market


QINGDAO JINXIURONGHE industry co., ltd  are a glass factory in China, I contact with you to see some business chance,We are professional manufacturer for household glassware such as glass bottle glass jar, glass spice jar, glass cainister and glass weight  ,glass candle holder With over 10 years experience cooperated with clients in USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy etc.

Benefiting from the long-terms, mutually beneficial relationship with our customers, we believe that meeting customer needs is our most needs. Our web shows most of our products which we produce and deal in, should any items be of interest to you, please feel free to contact us。

WhatsApp: + 86 185 6396 6157

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